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Beyond Growing Your Finances

You’re Dedicated to Protecting Your Loved Ones & Finding Peace of Mind

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Financial Planning & Investment Management For

Business Owners | Families | Parents of Disabled Children

Nestled in the heart of Lancaster County, our firm brings over 15 years of industry experience toward helping Pennsylvania’s families. Together, we work side-by-side in addressing your evolving financial concerns about your wealth, your retirement and the future of those who may be dependent on your care.

We Work to Earn Your Trust By Helping You

stairs to goal

Clarify Goals

You have an ‘idea’ of what your future should look like, but not a clear direction. We’ll help you gain clarity to start down a path to success.

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Maximize Resources

You’ve built a healthy savings, but much is at stake and you want to know you're on track and managing it smartly.

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Build a Plan

Your family relies on you and the income you provide, but what happens when you’re gone - especially if you have a child with special needs? We must build a plan to support those who depend on you.

You’ve Decided to Take Charge of Your Financial Future

Now You Need a Partner to Make That Vision a Reality

Navigating the critical financial decisions that affect you and the ones you love.

Our clients all come to us with similar concerns:

They lack clear financial goals and strategies.

They buy financial products, but there is no clear strategy for success.

They have no real financial plan.

They make financial decisions haphazardly.

They are unaware of the risks to their investments.

They don’t know what to listen to for financial advice.

Our Solutions Include:

Financial Position Analysis

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Investment Management

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Protection Planning

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When You’re Ready to Take the Next Step
In Working With an Experienced Financial Partner

Choose a Time to Talk

Is Your Portfolio Tailored to Your Tolerance For Risk?

Discover Riskalyze

Using this free, interactive tool, learn more in minutes about your unique tolerance for risk and whether or not your current asset allocation is right for you.

Discover Your Risk Number

You Have a Special Need For a Special Advisor

Who Understands your Situation and How to Help

You face all the same financial concerns and questions as everyone else, but with an adult child in need of lifelong care, your challenges are even greater — your child needs your life-long support.

You Want to Know You’re Doing Everything You Can For Your Child

We Help You Keep That Promise

Other Advisors May Offer Assistance in Special Needs Planning,
But Unless They’ve Been Through It, They Just Don’t Understand

A parent himself, Mike has faced the same difficulties you face — dealing with complex government benefit programs, social services, educational settings, legal and financial matters – all on top of the general demands of parenting.

Having earned a professional designation to advise parents of disabled children, Mike has helped more than 100 parents design a personalized financial and legal structure that advocates for the unique concerns of their family. It is this type of coordinated planning that brings peace of mind to parents.

Take the quiz below to see if our special planning services could benefit you.

I have identified a legal guardian and trustee to handle my child’s special needs


I have planned where this person will live when I’m not around


I have made provisions to fund my loved one’s future expenses


Others know my hopes and goals for my child’s future


I have a contingency plan for my loved one should something happen to me


I have drafted a Letter of Intent


I have begun setting aside money for this person’s future


I fully understand the government benefits available to my child


My child will have adequate health insurance in the future


I have an estate plan in place


View Results

In addition to our core financial planning offerings, we help parents with the following subjects:

  • Social Security disability
  • Special Needs Trust
  • Estate Planning
  • Understanding and utilizing government benefits
  • Navigating the parameters of receiving government assistance
  • Evaluating the monthly costs of your child’s care
  • Quarterbacking your financial and legal obligations
  • Flexible meeting options & online resources

And More

Meet Michael

Meet Your Financial Planning Partner

Michael Miller

Investment Advisor

E: mike@millersfinancialgroup.com

In 2003, Michael paired his love for coaching with his knowledge of finance to become a financial advisor. Since then, he has built his clientele, one-at-a-time, to the point where he founded Millers Financial.  

Mike lives in Lancaster County with his wife and three children. He enjoys jamming on guitar with friends, playing with his kids, house projects, and date-night out. As a family, the Millers enjoy hosting friends at their home. 

In recent years, Michael has developed a niche in working with parents of adult children with disabilities. He is a sought-after speaker by organizations serving parents of disabled children. Providing guidance on complex topics like Special Needs Trusts, Wills, Power-of-Attorney, guardianship, Social Security and Medical Assistance, Michael helps parents piece together a plan for financial security for the whole family.

Schedule a Call With Mike

In Person | On a Screen | Over Coffee 

We’re Here to Meet You Where You Are

While we love meeting new clients face to face, we understand the logistical challenges that can come with getting both parents out of the house when a dependent loved one is in need at home. That’s why we’ve structured our offerings with your convenience and flexibility in mind - reach out and chat with us when you can, where you can and however makes you comfortable.

Here’s What You Can Expect

Our Comprehensive Planning Process

Step 1

Discovery Meeting (Complimentary)

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


The sooner we get your financial resources optimized, the sooner you can spend time enjoying the life you envisioned living. With a trusted advisor who can bring the knowledge and trustworthiness into a lifelong, ongoing relationship, you and your family can breathe easy and enjoy the feeling of finding financial peace of mind.

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Trusting someone with the well-being of both your financial future and that of a dependent loved one is a responsibility you have never taken lightly. We believe your trust in us is something that must be earned, and we are eager to begin the conversation today. Reach out to learn more about our firm by filling out the form below or scheduling a time to talk.